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ra0001s006 | Testis biology and spermatogenesis | WCRB2014

What have we learned about the testis from cell ablation studies

O'Shaughnessy Peter , Rebourcet Diane , Smith Lee

Cell ablation is a powerful technique for examining the role of a particular cell type in organ development and function. The utility of the technique is dependent upon the ablation being specific to one cell type and for those of us interested in the testis we have been fortunate that methods have existed for some time to ablate the germ cells and the Leydig cells. Recently we have also developed a transgenic mouse model which expresses the diphtheria toxin receptor (DTR) spe...

ra0001p242 | (1) | WCRB2014

Acute reduction of Sertoli cell numbers during development leads to a subsequent reduction in sperm numbers in adulthood

Darbey Annalucia L , O'Shaughnessy Peter , Pitetti Jean-Luc , Nef Serge , Smith Lee , Rebourcet Diane

Sertoli cells (SC) are key initiators of testis development and have a fundamental role in spermatogenesis. However, it is uncertain how an acute reduction in SC number, in a hormone independent-manner at key points in development or adulthood, will impact testis function.To induce acute SC-ablation at key points of testicular development, we used Cre-loxP recombinase technology and the expression of Diphtheria toxin and its receptor. We utilized these l...

ra0001p247 | (1) | WCRB2014

Effect of Sertoli cell ablation on testicular function in adult mouse

Rebourcet Diane , O'Shaughnessy Peter , Monteiro Ana , Mitchell Rod , Milne Laura , Smith Lee

The aging of western societies, and the associated increase in obesity, brings with it an increase in prevalence of disorders such as metabolic syndrome which are associated with reduced androgen levels in men. As Leydig cells are the source of androgens in the male, establishing the mechanisms which control Leydig cell development and function is crucial to our understanding of aging and male health. Sertoli cells regulate testicular fate in the differentiating gonad and are ...