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ra0003o018 | SRF Student Prize Session | SRF2016

FACS-sorted putative oogonial stem cells from the mouse ovary are neither DDX4-positive nor germ cells

Zarate-Garcia Larissa , Lane Simon I. R. , Merriman Julie A. , Jones Keith T.

Whether the adult mammalian ovary contains oogonial stem cells (OSCs) is controversial. They have been isolated by fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) using the germline marker DEAD box polypeptide 4 (DDX4), previously assumed to be cytoplasmic, not surface-bound. Furthermore their stem cell and germ cell characteristics remain disputed. We applied a validated protocol to isolate mouse putative OSCs from whole ovarian cell suspensions, then assessed their in vitro</...

ra0001p030 | Pregnancy | WCRB2014

Maternal metabolic syndrome, induced by increased fructose consumption, is associated with subfertility and impaired fetal growth in mice

Saben Jessica L , Lawrence Laura T , Rhee Julie , Asghar Zeenat , Riley Joan K , Moley Kelle H

Introduction: The CDC reports that roughly one-third of USA adults suffer from metabolic syndrome. Amongst other health complications, metabolic syndrome is associated with subfertility and complications later in pregnancy. Successful implantation and pregnancy require the priming of both embryo and uterus during a short window of time called the ‘window of implantation’. At this time, hormones stimulate uterine stromal fibroblasts to differentiate into specialized s...