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ra0002o003 | SRF Post Doctoral Prize Session | SRF2015

Kinetic, morphological, and functional details of the early stages of human and mouse embryo implantation in an in vitro model

Ruane Peter , Babbington Phoebe , Berneau Stephane , Kimber Sue , Brison Daniel , Westwood Melissa , Aplin John

A significant proportion of IVF treatments are unsuccessful due to defects in implantation. The first stage of implantation is an attachment interaction between the trophectoderm (TE) of the blastocyst-stage embryo and the uterine luminal epithelium (LE). Endocrine signalling from the corpus luteum and paracrine signalling from uterine glands, uterine stroma and the embryo promotes LE receptivity. To investigate the LE–TE interaction we have developed an in vitro...