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ra0002p030 | (1) | SRF2015

The endocrine disrupting chemicals bisphenol A, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), methoxyclor and ethinylestradiol modulate thecal steroidogenesis in vitro

Cheewasopit Warakorn , Knight Phil G

Introduction: Previous reports in different species have shown that various endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) can modulate ovarian steroidogenesis with the majority of studies focussing on granulosa cells. To test the hypothesis that exposure to EDCs might also perturb thecal steroidogenesis we conducted in vitro dose–response experiments to evaluate the direct effects of selected EDCs on androstenedione and progesterone production by cultured bovine theca ce...

ra0002p049 | (1) | SRF2015

Does kisspeptin exert a local modulatory effect on ovarian steroidogenesis?

Mattar Dareen S , Cheewasopit Warakorn , Samir Moafaq , Knight Phil G

Introduction: Kisspeptin, a neuropeptide secreted in the hypothalamus and encoded by the Kiss-1 gene, has a role in promoting the release of GnRH and LH in various species. However, the possibility that kisspeptin exerts additional ‘peripheral’ actions at the level of the bovine gonad has not been investigated. The current aims were to investigate whether: i) kiss-1 and its receptor (GPR54) are expressed in the bovine ovary; ii) kisspeptin or kisspeptin antagonist ca...

ra0003p006 | (1) | SRF2016

Does Neuromedin B exert a local modulatory effect on ovarian steroidogenesis or cell proliferation?

Mattar Dareen , Laird Mhairi , Samir Moafaq , Cheewasopit Warakorn , Knight Phil

Introduction: Neuromedin B (NMB), a highly conserved bombesin-related decapeptide originally isolated from porcine spinal cord, has various physiological effects including the regulation of exocrine and endocrine secretions. The current aims were to investigate whether: (1) NMB is expressed in the bovine ovary (2) NMB or NMB antagonist can modulate ovarian steroidogenesis or proliferation by cultured bovine theca (TC) and granulosa (GC) cells.Methods: GC...