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ra0003o029 | Oral Communications 4: Early Development 2 | SRF2016

The role of integrin AVB6 in the regulation of foetal growth in pigs

Moolnangdeaw Apiwat , Stenhouse Claire , Ashworth Cheryl

Introduction: Large within-litter variation in pig foetal weight may be associated with placental efficiency. Integrin receptors, including AVB6, are present at the attachment site between the foetal and uterine epithelium and may affect the efficiency of attachment. It is hypothesised that the expression of integrin receptors would differ between tissues supplying small foetuses compared to normal-sized littermates. This study compared the distribution and quantity of integri...

ra0003p007 | (1) | SRF2016

Alterations in the vasculature of placental but not endometrial tissue associated with small porcine foetuses compared to their normal-sized littermates

Stenhouse Claire , Hogg Charis , Donadeu Xavier , Ashworth Cheryl

Introduction: Low piglet birth weight has severe consequences for neonatal and adult development that cannot be remedied post-natally. It is hypothesised that impaired foetal growth occurs due to inadequate placental vascularisation.Methods: Endometrial and placental tissues supplying small and normal-sized foetuses were collected from Large White x Landrace gilts at gestational days (GD) 30 (n=5), 60 (n=7) and 90 (n=5) for imm...

ra0002o027 | Oral Communications 4: Female reproduction | SRF2015

Investigation into the role of endometrial heparinase, hypoxia-inducible factor 1A, secreted phosphoprotein 1, uteroferrin, and vascular endothelial growth factor A in foetal growth in pigs

Stenhouse Claire , Hogg Charis O , Donadeu Francesc X , Ashworth Cheryl J

Low birth weight observed in the ‘runt’ piglet of the litter compared to its siblings has severe consequences for neonatal and adult development that cannot be remedied post-natally. This study compared the expression of a number of candidates hypothesised to be involved in angiogenesis and placental attachment in porcine endometrial samples.Endometrial tissues supplying the smallest and normal-sized foetuses were collected from large white lan...

ra0003p051 | (1) | SRF2016

The effect of macrophage colony-stimulating factor (CSF1) on piglet gonad development

Ashworth Cheryl , Avey Billie , Stenhouse Claire , Sauter Kristin , Waddell Lindsey , Hogg Charis , Lisowski Zofia , Hume David

Introduction: CSF1 is the primary growth factor required for macrophage proliferation and differentiation. In adults, the receptor is expressed only in macrophages and their precursors. In mice, mutation of the CSF1 gene produces both male and female infertility due to diminished gonadal steroid production. We tested the effect of increased availability of CSF1 on gonadal development in pigs using CSF1-Fc, a CSF1 fusion protein with increased circulating half-life.<p class...