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ra0003o016 | SRF Student Prize Session | SRF2016

Exaggerated metabolic changes during puberty precede adult obesity and hyperlipidemia in an ovine model of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Siemienowicz Katarzyna , Coukan Flavien , Lerner Avigdor , Franks Stephen , Rae Mick , Duncan Colin

Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome are at increased risk of developing insulin resistance, obesity and dyslipidemia. Amplified metabolic perturbations during puberty may be a central factor contributing to metabolic phenotype of adult PCOS. Using a clinically realistic ovine model of PCOS we reported hyperinsulinaemia and early fatty liver changes, with no difference in body weight and adiposity, in adolescence.Here we aimed to further examine metaboli...

ra0003o026 | Oral Communications 3: Environmental and programming effects on reproduction | SRF2016

Fetal androgens determine adult pancreatic function

Rae Mick , Ramaswamy Seshadri , Grace Cathal , Mattei Ashley , Siemienowicz Kasia , Brownlee Bill , MacCallum Janis , McNeilly Alan , Duncan Colin

Introduction: Maternal androgen excess in pregnant sheep programmes a PCOS-like phenotype in female offspring. We previously demonstrated a hyperinsulinaemic offspring phenotype in response to maternal androgen excess, but such regimens also increase estradiol concentrations, and may effect adrenal steroidogenesis, hence the role of androgens remains unclear.Materials and Methods: To examine contributions of different steroid classes, and to determine if...