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Society for Reproduction and Fertility Annual Conference 2015

Oxford, UK
20 Jul 2015 - 22 Jul 2015

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Symposia 3: Management of livestock fertility

ra0002s011 | Symposia 3: Management of livestock fertility | SRF2015

Nutritional impacts on fetal development: examples from ovine adolescent models

Wallace Jacqueline

For ruminant livestock producers, appropriate maternal nutrition during pregnancy is central to the production of viable offspring of optimal birth weight, and impacts postnatal growth, body composition, and reproductive potential. Young still-growing adolescent mothers are particularly vulnerable to nutritional extremes and assisted conception procedures have helped define the relative importance of diverse nutritional exposures. Pre-conception nutrition (via manipulation of ...

ra0002s012 | Symposia 3: Management of livestock fertility | SRF2015

Impact of prenatal stress on reproductive development in livestock

Ashworth Cheryl J , Hogg Charis O , Rutherford Kenneth M D

Many studies demonstrating that the environment a pregnant female experiences can have profound and sometimes persistent effects on offspring development use extreme experimental perturbations which do not reflect the range of environments a pregnant female is actually likely to experience. We have assessed offspring reproductive development following treatments designed to reflect husbandry and management conditions that pregnant sheep or pigs encounter. Female offspring of s...

ra0002s013 | Symposia 3: Management of livestock fertility | SRF2015

Embryo-uterine dialogue in the cow

Sandra Olivier

Successful pregnancy depends on a succession of complex biological processes that are regulated temporally and spatially. In term of contribution to pregnancy, the mother not only produces oocytes but she also hosts the whole gestation, mainly in the uterus. For decades, a major focus has been made on oocyte and embryo quality in term of contribution to progression and issue of pregnancy in mammals, including cattle. Nevertheless, in the bovine species, recent studies have cle...