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Society for Reproduction and Fertility Annual Conference 2016

Winchester, UK
11 Jul 2016 - 11 Jul 2016

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SRF Post-Doctoral Prize Session

ra0003o013 | SRF Post-Doctoral Prize Session | SRF2016

Identification of novel DAZL targets in the human fetal ovary

Rosario Roseanne , Adams Ian , Anderson Richard

Introduction: DAZL (deleted in azoospermia-like) is an RNA binding protein essential for germ cell entry into meiosis and later stages of germ cell maturation, and its absence is associated with infertility in vertebrates. Efforts to study DAZL and its in vivo RNA targets have been largely limited to mouse, thus human-specific investigations are required.Methods: Human DAZL protein was immunoprecipitated from 17 week ovarian lysate bound RNAs we...

ra0003o014 | SRF Post-Doctoral Prize Session | SRF2016

Etoposide results in follicle loss in the fetal mouse ovary, but does not block the ability of oocytes to progress through prophase I of meiosis

Stefansdottir Agnes , Johnston Zoe , Powles-Glover Nicola , Anderson Richard , Adams Ian , Spears Norah

Introduction: The chemotherapy agent etoposide is a topoisomerase II (topo II) inhibitor, and is considered safe to administer during pregnancy. However, assessment of its effects on the developing ovary, when germ cells are undergoing initiation of meiosis and forming follicles, has been limited. We have investigated this using ovarian tissue culture.Methods: E13.5 mouse ovaries were cultured for 12 days on an agar block, with etoposide added for the fi...

ra0003o015 | SRF Post-Doctoral Prize Session | SRF2016

The crosstalk between Nodal and Tumor Necrosis factor alpha during luteolysis establishment in the mare

Galvao Antonio , Staszkiewicz Joanna , Thomas Karolina , Rebordao Maria , Skarzynski Dariusz , Ferreira-Dias Graca

Introduction: In the absence of pregnancy, the resumption of a new estrous cycle is assured by functional and structural regression of the corpus luteum (CL). We have recently characterized the involvement of Nodal, a morphogen from transforming growth factor beta superfamily, on functional luteolysis in the mare (Galvao et al, 2015 Endocrinology, 157:858–871). Also, tumor necrosis factor α (TNF) has been reported to mediate both functional and structural luteal regr...