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ra0001s017 | Embryo | WCRB2014

Effect of transcriptional regulation on early embryo development

Choi Inchul

A large number of embryos are produced both in human and domestic animals using assisted reproductive technologies (ART) including in vitro fertilization, but the majority of embryos fail to develop to the blastocyst stage and/or implant during early embryo development. However, the causes of the developmental failures and early miscarriage are not well defined in human and other mammals. Blastocyst stage is critical to the manipulation and/or selection of embryos for...

ra0003o009 | Oral Communications 2: Early Development 1 | SRF2016

A novel role of Adam 10 in tight junction formation during mouse preimplantation development

Choi Inchul , Jeong Ye-lin

A Disintegrin and Metalloprotease Domain-containing protein 10 (ADAM10) is a cell surface protein with a unique structure possessing potential adhesion and protease domains. However, the role of ADAM10 is not known during early embryo development. In this study, we investigated the expression patterns and biological function of Adam10 in mouse preimplantation embryos. The transcription level of Adam10 increased from the two-cell stage onward. Immunostaining revealed t...

ra0002p028 | (1) | SRF2015

Expression of coxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor (CXDAR) affects tight junction complex ADN cell lineage in mouse blastocyst

Juong Yelin , Yu Dae-yul , Choi Inchul

Coxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor (CXADR also known as CAR), a tight junction component molecule was reported to be expressed in epithelial cells. Previous studies reported that CXADR play an important role in tight junction complex. However, the role of CXDAR in blastocyst formation has not been investigated. Here we demonstrated that transcript levels of CXADR were elevated at eight-cell stage onward and highest at the blastocyst. To investigate the biological function...

ra0002p008 | (1) | SRF2015

Expression of porcine CXADR and its role in blastocyst formation

Kwon Jung-Woo , Kim Nam-Hyung , Choi Inchul

Coxsackie virus and adenovirus receptor, CXADR (CAR) is a member of the tight junction protein (TJP also known as JAM) family of adhesion receptor and located on a cytoplasmic membrane surface of intercellular tight junctions. CXADR are reported to be expressed during preimplantation in human embryos, but its function in early embryo development was not investigated. In the present study we determine temporal and spatial expression patterns of CXADR in porcine embryos and inve...