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ra0003o004 | Oral Communications 1: Ovary | SRF2016

Oocyte maturation arrest in endometriosis is caused by elevated levels of Reactive Oxygen Species and enforced via a DNA Damage Response and the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint pathway

Hamdan Mukhri , Jones Keith , Cheong Ying , Lane Simon

Introduction: It has recently been demonstrated that mouse oocytes respond to DNA damage by arresting in Meiosis I. This arrest has been shown to require the activity of the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint (SAC) and the DNA Damage Response (DDR). Given oocytes lack the equivalent of a G2/M checkpoint for DNA damage, the SAC response may be critical to defend against formation of DNA damaged embryos. It is currently unknown whether the DDR SAC pathway is sensitive to physiological ...

ra0001p299 | (1) | WCRB2014

Effect of maternal diet on the amino acid composition of human uterine fluid

Kermack Alexandra Jayne , Cheong Ying , Brook Nick , Macklon Nick , Houghton Franchesca D

Introduction: Preimplantation embryos depend on nutrients provided in the reproductive tract for development. Early human embryos have an increasing requirement for amino acids as they develop from the 1-cell through to the blastocyst stage. In vivo, the uterus provides the final environment for preimplantation development, but surprisingly, the nutritional composition of human uterine fluid has been little investigated. This study aims to examine the amino acid compo...