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ra0001p065 | (1) | WCRB2014

The effects of mesenchymal stem cell- conditioned medium on the fertilization rate, embryo development and OCT-4 gene expression of 8-cell embryo in NMRI mice

Azizi Alireza , Shahbazi Majid , Haidari Kamran

Normal growth of oocyte, embryo and also successful Implantation depend on environmental factor such as the secretion of cumulus cells and composition of follicular and tubular fluids.Therefore, addition of serum, conditioned medium (CM) to the culture medium and also co-culture with somatic cells improve mammalian embryo development.So, in the respect to the secretion of different growth factors and cytokines by mesenchymal stem c...

ra0001p130 | (1) | WCRB2014

The effects of estradiol and ECG combination on ZP3 gene in mouse oocyte

Mohammadzadeh Masoomeh , Shahbazi Majid , Haidari Kamran

Introduction: The ovarian stimulators have a crucial role in steriodogenesis, follicular development, oocyte maturation and embryo maintenance by activating some genes in ovarian follicles. As, one of the most important cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in successful fertilization is the expression of sperm receptor binding protein or ZP3 in zona Pellucida, therefore our attempts have been made to delineate the effects of combined Estradiol and eCG on ZP<su...