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The effects of estradiol and ECG combination on ZP3 gene in mouse oocyte

Masoomeh Mohammadzadeh , Majid Shahbazi & Kamran Haidari

Stem Cell Research Center, Golestan University of Medical Sciences, Gorgan, Iran.

Introduction: The ovarian stimulators have a crucial role in steriodogenesis, follicular development, oocyte maturation and embryo maintenance by activating some genes in ovarian follicles. As, one of the most important cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in successful fertilization is the expression of sperm receptor binding protein or ZP3 in zona Pellucida, therefore our attempts have been made to delineate the effects of combined Estradiol and eCG on ZP3 gen expression here in.

Materials and methods: Sixty female NMRI mice in the three groups intraperitoneally received normal saline, eCG (10IU) and also eCG(10IU)+Estradiol (E2) (1 μg) in same injection volumes respectively.

After 48-h, they received hCG (10IU) due to ovulation induction. The half of yielded oocytes designed for achieving IVF and another one for measuring ZP3 gene expression by RT-PCR.

Results and discussion: There was significant difference in ZP3 gene expression of the group which were only received eCG in comparison with others. It concluded that ZP3 gene expression may be responsive to eCG alone rather than eCG+E2.

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